To My Beloved Master and Most Worshipful Gurudev


When we are away from Thee,

 we feel terribly out of gear

like a car in the wrong gear

 keeps jerking and does not move smoothly,

we too cannot think or function clearly.

 Help us, O Swamiji, when the road is rough

 and the situation too tough for us to handle.

Help us then to remember Thy Holy Name

and through the rough and tough terrain.

Help us to experience bliss divine in this very life

and not to postpone it for another time.

We keep making wrong choices in life

If it is sleep versus simran,

sleep is always the winner,

If it is complaints versus contentment

complaints generally get the better of us,

How can we Revered Master,

continue thus  and expect to make way

for God-Realisation and Self-Realisation to dawn in us ?

How can we have master the more difficult lessons

when we have’nt got our basics right?

Help us Father,shower upon us Thy Divine Gaze

bestow upon us Thy compassionate sight.

on the stage of life,

May the name of our Revered Gurudev,Sri Sri Swami Chidanandji Maharaj,

be written in letters of gold,

May the curtain always be raised

for our Beloved Satguru,

who is the One and only Truth,

May the entire Universe resound with this divine tune,

Chidanand Hoon, Chidanand Hoon, Chidanand Hoon.


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