Thou are the Major Firefighter


O Gurudev, Thou are major firefighter
in our lives.
There are so many fires that keep
erupting in our lives;
the fire of anger and fire of lust
the fire of attachment, of greed and ego.
How can all these go?
How can we cross over
all these fires
and achieve the goal one desires?
How can we realise the truth
that we are pure soul
and not at all this gross body?
How can we rise above the
consciousness of the body
and experience the radiance
of our radiant immortal Atman?
How can we?
We need help, don’t we?
Pujya Swamiji provides this
help for free.
He helps us rise above the
troublesome Gunas three
and pours the nectar of His compassion
on Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahankara.
He helps us fight to the last
and not give up;
for that’s what cowards do.
Don’t give up,
never give up
but in the presence of the fires five
remember the lotus feet of Beloved Gurudev
and He will bring you out shining and alive.


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