May the Divine Image of Pujya Gurudev


May the Divine Image of Pujya Gurudev

Be stamped on our heart, mind and soul,

That His compassion

And love,

Entirely unconditional

Completely for the whole


May become part of us as well

Eternally with Him may we dwell.

Jai Gurudev.

How fortunate is the land

That has been blessed by the Hand

Of One such as He

Was,Is and ever will be.

A Soul of great magnitude

With an extremely humble attitude.

Born to give,and give and give again

Born to live forever

Never to be born

and die again.

He served selflessly

And realised the Self.

Those who were sad

Troubled and weary

Always came before self.

His empathy and caring for humanity

Extended to birds and animals

And the entire community

Of God’s creation

God Himself He was

In Sri Chidanandji’s incarnation.

How fortunate are we

That He came to our homes

And even shared a meal

If only those moments

Once more we could steal

From Time.

But May we bless ourselves

With thoughts sublime

That each breath every moment

Of our lives belongs

To Pujya Gurudev Divine.



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