In the presence of a Divine Being


We are sitting at Swamiji’s feet,
our hands folded
heads are bowed down.
We can feel the care, the concern, the compassion in Swamiji’s eyes
for all of us gathered with God’s grace at the lotus feet of the Master
the most perfect human being of the human race
the one and only one of the human race
who has risen above anger, hatred
malice and feelings undivine and evolved spiritually
to become one with the holy Father Divine.
In the presence of such a holy being divine
we have gathered here today.
He bestows on us the sweetest fruits of the season.
He does not ask us for reasons
as to why we have been lazy
or indifferent towards our spiritual practice.
He does not criticise our take it easy attitude
towards our spiritual practice
But keeps on lovingly reminding us
that we need to be more diligent by the day
so that in reaching our ultimate divine
goal there shall be no delay.
Can there be any one more fortunate
than you and me
who are sitting at the holy feet of Pujya Gurudev
who will from the travails and trammels
of human life set us free;
set us free not with the help of the
efforts we are putting in
but with the wonderful divine grace
and compassion
That is another name for Him.


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