Swami Chidananda

Happiness is in knowing Chidananda.
Happiness is in being known by Chidananda.
Happiness is in writing to Chidananda.
Happiness is in receiving in writing something from Chidananda.
Happiness is in feeling the presence of Chidananda everywhere.
Happiness is in experiencing the helping hand of Chidananda everywhere
and at all times, all climes
in snow and hail
in the dry spell and during rain.
Happiness is in being blessed by Chidananda during this life
for His blessings will help us rise
above all the trammels of this life.
Don’t worry, become one with your true nature
which is Sat-chit-Ananda.
Be happy, be a perfect disciple of the
perfect Master Shri Shri Satguru Swami Chidananda.


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