Spiritual Redeemer of Our Age


Pujya Swamiji,
We bring nothing for you

but we take everything from you

and you relinquish all those cherished
gifts with a loving smile
a loving kind gentle smile.

We bring our hearts filled with bitterness
and our souls enwrapped in darkness
but you always fill us with Your Divine Sweetness.

We bring before you our hates and prejudice
hardened with time and age
the diaries of our lives are blackened on every page
But, You O Revered Sage
completely ignore all this
and fill us with joy and happiness and bliss.

The bliss that you have earned
the peace that is rightfully yours
and yours alone
is shared with us all
that we may easier atone for all the omissions
that have been the guiding missions of our lives,
You cure us all daily, daily
we who are lepers in body,
lepers in mind, lepers in soul
You heal us daily daily to make us whole.
You have glorified not only
the grand sojourn of Thy noble life
but illumined as well the paths of our complicated lives.
O Revered Master, Holy Heavenly Sage,
Thou art the spiritual redeemer of our age.

-By Vandana Jhangiani


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